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TRAINING ! Transfer starts by doing.
Hintergrund Grau
Are you a personnel developer or trainer?  
Does sustainability lie close to your heart? If so, make lasting inputs with our seminar theatre! Because the seminar theatre participants will escape to reality. Professional simulation players make sure of this. And it is even better than reality. Because the participants can stop the simulation at any time, rewind, and try out new ways until the successful behaviour has been internalized. Because your body remembers. And that is not the end - we coach the participants sustainably.
Example of use: seminar theatre real-play training of difficult staff discussions.
Hintergrund Grau
With our seminar theatre…
we enable role-plays that are not embarrassing the transfer starts from the beginning we guide the participants carefully to the limit we give personal role-feedback that goes deeper the participants can open up easier
Hintergrund Grau
We are very well-acquainted with these training topics:
Hintergrund Grau
Download the topic folder (only German version) TRAINING
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Making an impact
Giving and taking feedback right
How to handle difficult people
Staff discussions
Designing change
Negotiate according to the Harvard-Konzept
Creative presenting
Mastering complains
Operate personality-type-appropriate with Insights ®  Discovery
Conflict discussions
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